Lake Waco Marina


Directions from Waco I-35
  1. From I-35 take exit 330 West toward Meridian Loop 340 Hwy 6
  2. Travel West on Hwy 6 Loop 340
  3. Cross the Twin Bridges over Lake Waco
  4. Take the 1st exit off the bridge (exit name LAKE WACO SPEEGLEVILLE PARK)
  5. The exit ramp makes a "T" with the access road - turn left onto the access road continuing West
  6. Turn right on Overflow Rd
  7. Follow signs to LAKE WACO MARINA


Directions from Speegleville/Meridian
  1. Exit Lake Waco Speegleville Park
  2. Loop around under Hwy 6
  3. Turn right on Overflow Rd.
  4. Follow signs to LAKE WACO MARINA

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